We're Finally in Milwaukee!

When Milwaukee Knockoff was first launched back in 2019, we used a third party direct-to-garment printer located in South Carolina, or somewhere, because the system was easy to use and took very little oversight on our part. Ever since, it has been a point of embarrassment that our printing operation was not located in Milwaukee, our eponymous hometown.

Well, we finally fixed that.

Print-On-Demand in Lindsay Heights

We are proud to announce that we are now partnering and working with Designaway, a cooperative project of the Walnut Way Conservation Corp. Designaway is a worker-owned cooperative—a social enterprise which is owned and managed directly by the workers. Every worker-owner has a direct say in how the business if operated, their working hours and their compensation. Decisions are made democratically, by every worker-owner.

Direct-To-Garment Printing

Designaway uses a cutting edge digital printing process to produce high quality garments at efficient costs and fast turnaround. Our print technology can reproduce millions of colors at extremely high resolution and intricate precision of detail. 

Visit the About page to learn more  about Milwaukee Knockoff and visit the Frequently Asked Questions to find answers to your burning queries.

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